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We train leaders in
life-to-life disciple-making.

Discipleship isn't as simple as adding some classes or programs to your ministry. It's also not as simple as organic mentorship. It takes a balanced approach of structure and relationship building that we refer to as life-to-life disciple-making.

I began working with John Radcliffe of NCM two years ago. I was searching for an effective way to disciple and grow leaders in our congregation. John introduced me to ‘The Way of the Alongsider’ as a tool for growing disciples and a disciple making culture in our congregation. Earlier this year John led a…

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I have been meeting with Nate for discipleship and coaching for close to 3 years now.  Every time I see or speak with Nate, I am uplifted and encouraged both spiritually and emotionally.  He helped focus my faith towards the call of the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment, which has increased and made me…

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The discipleship training that NCM has provided has been excellent at every step. Our team has learned the necessity and value of relationships in the disciple-making process, as opposed to merely teaching the Bible from the pulpit and expecting changed lives. We’ve also learned practical tools for developing relationships, how to leverage personal influence to…

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Our church did not need to be convinced that our mission was to make disciples. We fully understood that! But we did not understand how to turn our knowledge into reality. We did not know how to create a culture in which making disciples was at the heart of everything we did. At exactly the…

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The importance of being a disciple-making congregation had been on our hearts for several years, but we always got stuck at the implementation place. How do we do what we know we should be doing? The Navigators came alongside us at precisely the right time and helped us to design and refine our pathway. We…

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The Great Commission, to go and make disciples, is the heartbeat of every evangelical church but the defining of what that looks like and how to do that is not always easy. It has been a blessing for us to partner with The Navigators Church Ministry. They have brought wisdom and clarity to our conversation…

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Our church has worked faithfully with The Navigators for nearly three years. I’ve appreciated their insistence that we build a discipleship culture at our church rather than simply offer discipleship programs. Our partnership is now yielding results. We have multiple disciple-making triads who are now reproducing other triads. Another great result is that The Navigators…

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Richard and Linda Reiter Vineyard Christian Church Columbus, OH Genuine. Intentional. Focus sharpener. These are three ways I would describe our experience with The Navigators. As pastors of Vineyard Christian Church, we’ve enjoyed our partnership with The Navigators to help break ground to become an intentional disciple-making church. Their staff has come alongside our team…

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Thirty-five years ago, as a brand new Christian in college, I was taught the basics of discipleship through The Navigators. A lot of this happened through the one-on-one training from my friend Tom. This changed my life. Today, I’m the Discipleship Coordinator at East Richland Friends and The Navigators are again here to help. Their…

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Intentional coaching
with your leadership team.

Once we've worked with your pastor to create a disciple-making culture strategy, we'll coach your whole leadership team in multiple aspects of our plan. It takes more than one person to create a cultural shift in an organization. It takes a team.

A proven strategy to build
a lasting disciple-making culture.

We create a custom strategy for your organization based on our track record of success with other churches. We know what it takes to make disciples, and you know what it takes to communicate to your people. Let's work together.

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Providing practical resources
and best-practices
for disciple-making.

As we continue to work with more churches and leaders, we learn more and more about disciple-making as our culture changes. We'll keep up-to-date and continue to provide resources to keep your results growing.

Develop a whole-church
evangelism strategy.

Evangelism and disciple-making go hand-in-hand. We'll help you extend your disciple-making strategy to the world around you so that your church is reaching new people with the hope of Jesus.

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